Saturday, July 12, 2008

Humidity and hair issues!

Twirly Girly

While our young friend visited from Vancouver recently, the two girls pulled out their own cameras and twirled about, taking pictures of one another in action. I just love this photo of our daughter, though I can't take credit for snapping it.

Here's where I refresh your memory a bit by mentioning the very same topic as the heat and humidity issues at hand as in below, the very thing that has us all in a quandry here with an increase in a BIG/POUFY hair syndrome.

Our guest brought along her hair straightener, and voila (!), it was THE answer to these three young gal's humidity hair pouf issues. Let's just say the straightener was well used during the visit here and the top photo shows how pleased our daughter was with her own results after an ironing job. Shhh, don't tell them we did this too but instead of a hair straightener, we used our mother's iron with our hair laying flat on the ironing board.

No more POUF!

The girls just LOVE their temporary soft, tame, and straightened hair, and I love the fact these gals take such fun photos like the ones shown here.

I can hardly imagine if I had possessed a digital camera when I was younger. Why didn't someone invent them for me back when...snicker. For those of you who know (like my mother!) how much it would have affected my life to own one back then, it's probably a good thing I never had one. Film was expensive enough and heck, there was no such thing as a household computer yet to assist in uploading them all for saving to a disk.

Therefore, I'll just settle for knowing my own daughters are far more snap happy at their ages than I ever could be. LOL Watch out! They'll have to upgrade to their own computers one day soon with all the photos they insist on taking too. Oh, perhaps it's in the genes to be so obsessed with taking photos, hearing the little click on the shutter window open and close. Just like music to my ears.....ahhhhhhh

I need to regress for a bit with a few blog posts on our recent company, as I'm way overdue to get that done for family and friends back home. They will be sprinkled into the mix. I promise. Stay tuned..