Sunday, July 06, 2008

PHOTO challenge - Scenes from a Summer's Day

A Summer Photo Challenge;

So, are *YOU* going to play along?

Life is filled with technicolor detailing, with hundreds of simple moments we often overlook or tend to miss out on from our busyness in our days.

There are always minuscule bits and slices guaranteed to be occurring during the passages of time for us all, the wee daily increments where unlimited possibilities strike our senses with the unimaginable, those little things which can leave an imprint on our hearts forever, if only we were observant enough to catch them before they pass.

After snapping the photo below yesterday, once again, I became intrigued with taking photos, but hang on - not just regular smiley-faced posed photos, rather I sat on my straw mat and became completely immersed and completely captivated when viewing focal points from deep inside of my camera's lens, those showing representational morsels within a few seconds of our summer's day beachside.

Just as Jennifer had a bunch of us hopping about during the month of April, for her "April shower of photos" challenge, and Amanda has her own current days of summer challenge rolling for herself, I would like to challenge all of my blog readers and whoever else wishes to participate in getting behind your camera lens during both of the months of July and August.

I know for myself, I really enjoyed the "April Shower of photos" so inspiring and great fun , a huge incentive for continuing to view my surroundings from behind my camera's lens, rather than attempt to find the "special" only using the naked eye.

  • So, if you are going to play along with me, the rules are simple. There aren't any steadfast rules really. How's that for easy?
  • All I would urge you to do is check in and kindly RSVP to let me know you are going to be a photo essay player. Photo essay challenger's names and/or links will be posted on my sidebar during both months with your permission only to do so.
  • Secondly try to remember to bring along your camera or have it in a handy location wherever you are this summer, snapping photos unique to your own camera's lens viewing, completely at your leisure. There doesn't have to be a daily upload on your own blogs, just sprinkle your summer writings with a single photo only, something depicting a moment in time from your own "Scenes from a summer's day".
  • Thirdly, please link back to me using your choice of photo sizes below, and the noted html to create a the photo link, mostly as a courtesy to the roll call of players listed on my blog for the duration of the challenge (unless of course, some sweetie pie person out would be willing to assist me with creating an easier photo/html because I can upload any html myself, it's just new turf for me to create it. :-) And the photo shop stuff is something new again, any help most welcomed here *wink*)

  • Please take the time to visit other challengers when you are able and offer them some fun feedback, gathering a few ideas along the way, and perhaps viewpoint tidbits for your own camera possibilities.
  • Last but not least, relax, have fun making memories from your camera lens that you'll enjoy and appreciate forevermore by participating in this photo challenge. And may you all have a very safe and blessed summer.