Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer winds carry us onward

Summer winds

(I'm listening to Michael Buble, thus the song title today) :-)

Early morning awakenings have us rising from our slumbers to the sounds of the birds' song as they fly to and fro their nests in the trees, (mini rainforest) adjacent to our bedroom windows. The rush of a slight breeze offers a lovely lulling to the senses when the willow tree leaves swish and sway back and forth offering a rhythm all its own to soak in. This graceful lilting breeze coupled with a heavenly chorus of twittering song, erupts each day at daybreak, a welcoming start to our early risings of late.

It feels good to rise very early these days, with the sunrise yet winking at us on the horizon as it slowly ascends while we head out towards our summer morning activities.

Our older daughter is employed daily, working in the horse barns she rides at. Hanging around forty horses and cleaning their stalls are quite a task for her and another gal each day. She insists the exercise of hauling wheelbarrows around alone will have her extra fit in no time, wondering how strong her arm muscles will become, and so tired by end of the day.

Summer fun to her; Horses, and cleaning forty stalls a day

The two younger children have joined our local swim team, mostly because mom found out the swim lesson class preferred was full and for only twenty dollars more, they get a whole summer of swimming if/when we are able. So far, so good. I can see fitness happening enforce, especially when a late morning nap sometimes looks very inviting to our youngest after her morning sessions. They will participate in a few fun swim competitions, the first in two weeks and the whole family will be keeping time on stop watches and selling goodies in the food venue area.

Something new to us, swim team endurance training

Our older son? Well, let's just say he and his brother have discovered how fun golfing can be, heading almost daily to the local golf course trying in earnest to beat his score from the last game played.

Discovering golf for sport sees him out playing often

Schooling over the course of the year was customized to our travel, and assorted road trips, so summer still sees a few more weeks of studies for the older ones, determined to be d-o-n-e!

Mother here is continuing with my own fitness routine; cardio in the exercise room here at home, and circuit training at Curves several times each week. This great book shown below by Tosca Reno on "Clean Eating" has had my interest piqued, along with her cookbook (HERE). She's a woman near my own age who has battled stressful blues and feels great in her middle age. I want to feel great too, who doesn't? Slowly, I'm going to continue implementing an even better eating pattern into my life and that of my family's, fresh and wholesome foods as per our usual, less preservatives and additives, and more homemade goodness all the way around. I've always been conscience of healthy eating, but there is something to say about tweaking the family menu once in a while to keep interests high and add some spice into our days.

Summer is the perfect time of year to shake up the nutrition habits for a family, mostly due to all the fresh produce, lighter meal capabilities and of course, using the barbecue. With the added heat from warmer days, we tend to drink more water to quench our thirst, a huge bonus to keep hydrated and glowing.

Of couse, all will benefit together with our fitness road ahead, and increased nutritional eating fare. I love summer for the possibilities of not just taking it slower, but for also having more time to implement ideas, working on our family's behalf to good health. It's a win-win all the way around.

Cardio, circuit training, and implementing "clean eating"

Meanwhile, unbeknown to us, the fitness quest on the horizon, though accidental, will more than suffice towards good health, and ice hockey preparations for the new season directly ahead (shhhh, it's only summer!). If only for the strength and endurance all will gain, we are all anticipating and welcoming cheery and bright days ahead in more ways than one.