Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day, 5

Scenes from a Summer's Day

By the water's edge....again

Always a pleasure at the water's edge...

It's always a pleasure spending time with my teenage boyfriend, now husband, who still makes my heart skip a beat.

Any time we can get to the water's edge, it's always a great time. It's a special place for us, my hubby and I. Afterall, wasn't it by the sea where he eventually proposed to me, at the lighthouse in Stanley Park, Vancouver. And it is near the water's edge where he finds a reprieve with a better air quality on a tough HOT and HUMID day when his lung disease has him struggling. THIS was a tough day for him, in fact - the whole weekend was. We are praying for a better day today.

These photos below were snapped by our
guest photographer; our 9yo daughter.

The water's edge seems to be where we have to be much more attentive now with daughters around who own their own cameras.

And where we may get caught sneaking in a smooch or two...

So busted!

Ah, yes. The water's edge. Perfect for my baby and me.

Simply perfect!