Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day, 15

Scenes from a Summer's Day

Blessings of a perfect day;
...and playing with the sunlight and colors of a sunset

From our early rising and our long trek to attend Sunday mass this morning, we've been blessed all day long this day.

When we arrived at church, it was such a relief to find all the fans whirring round and round and the windows wide open - cool air for my hubby to endure easier breathing, and avoiding the crippling fatigue usually accompanying such situations where heat and humidity aren't given complete climate control settings indoors. It also allowed him the ability to be able to participate more fully by standing, kneeling and sitting without feeling light headed and dizzy.

The most unexpected and heart stopping blessing touched us like no other. It happened there as our family knelt in unison, there where we first began to kneel in silence, our hearts softly filled with own private prayer petitions, intentionally remaining "still", yet fervently seeking for Him and waiting, listening, to hear His voice.

It was there where we were first blessed and filled with much grace, feeling tightly wrapped and tenderly hugged in the arms of our loving Father.

As the sunlight rose to take it's place, arcing high above us in the east, its glowing rays began illuminating through the colorful saintly images in the stained glass windows located high above the altar, its rays drifting forth into the church for all to witness the wonder and beauty of this perfect new day. In fact, the soft rays of light began offering warm hues of lilting colors across the altar - as if to say, "Good morning, I have come to give you rest today..."

It also felt as though a message was sent directly to us, reassuring us our weary and aching hearts would be lifted from the heavy burdens of life after what seemed to be an extra tough week emotionally for my hubby and I.

The great fountain continued to spill over with even more blessings, a fount of loving and soothing salve when we encountered the perfect words from God's holy word, just as though He was waiting for us to bid him good day, just so he could whisper a personal message only my hubby and I could begin to understand with the perfection of the timing, a message which instantly became so touching reaching deep into the bottom recesses of our hearts. Just as a parent knows what to do when his child is injured, so too were we in great need of extra care emotionally this day.

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost..

God in His holy place; God who maketh men of
one mind to dwell in a house: He shall give power
and strength to His people.

~ Psalm 67:6,7


Almighty, eternal God, who in the abundance of thy loving-kindness, dost exceeds both the deserts and the hopes of Thy suppliants, pour forth Thy mercy upon us, to take away from us those things which our conscience feareth, and to add that which our prayer presumeth not to ask. Through our Lord...

Please say a prayer for us as we head into my husband's three month respiratory appointments this week. This is the week it was suggested he will likely begin oxygen therapy, and the thought of having to carry around an oxygen tank is weighing heavily on his mind, among hundreds of other things health wise of course. Because there are so many other variables, and we feel the added discovery of emphysema on top of everything is beginning to affect him in general, we pray and trust in all things..

But for today, for today only - we are so thankful for such a perfect day filled with many, many blessings!

Goodnight to all my family and friends