Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day, 1

Scenes from a Summer's Day

On deck...

Brave participants have begun to step forward, those like me who may share a love of having a compulsive obsession, that of being a shutter snapaholic.

Or maybe they aren't quite as bad as me, preferring only to capture summer through their camera lens'.

Thanks for contacting me and I hope I have all your permissions to add you onto my blog here. I'm going to begin linking you to my blog, on my right side bar under the "Scenes from a Summer's Day" photo from the original posting.

I invite and encourage you to take a moment to visit them, if only to gather photo opportunities you may like to incorporate in your own homes, capturing the essence of summer just right for your own family. Have fun, enjoy and remember, anyone is welcomed to join in any time.

Jacqueline, could you please email me privately. I'd like to know more about your suggestion. Thank you.