Monday, July 28, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day, 16

Scenes from a Summer's Day

Taking a tour around our countryside neighborhood

Allow me to be your personal tour guide today.

The photos below were snapped at approximately 7:15am. this morning as I chauffeured our daughter to her summer job. Normally I'm sipping a nice hot cup of coffee about now, enjoying the fresh outdoor air, while watching the two younger children swim their laps in the pool. However after a telephone call this morning, it was announced the swim team session was canceled due to cloudy water issues needing correction today.

Meanwhile, as I drove to and from the barn, I decided to snap the photos for you below, those within our sleepy hamlet town. As you view the scenes below, you'll see why we love it here so much, having grown quite attached to this ever peaceful and lovely countryside.

Allow me to be your personal tour guide

Farmers are reaping their rewards as the wheat continues to be harvested all over our area, most fields only show evidence of the chaff now left behind.

College students are now coming out in force for employment to pull the tassels from the corn stalks, arms reaching high in the air to yank them out so the corn seed doesn't become contaminated for the duration of the growing time.

I snapped this photo above while in motion driving, loved the color!

Soybeans, green beans, oats, barley and potatoes are also grown locally, as well as plenty of bird feed materials, hay, straw and other assorted farm animal necessities.

I actually snapped these two photos, above and below yesterday on our way home from church. Each of these round bales weighs in excess of 1000 pounds!

The countryside landscape is always changing around here with crops grown and harvested, several a year in the same fields. The heart of our area is definitely farming, and if you have a pantry reaping such a harvest, why not consider thanking a farmer today.