Wednesday, July 02, 2008

White knuckle syndrome

White knuckle syndrome

Definition of this;
Having a new driver in the house who wants mom to take him for a spin...rather he wants to take mom for a spin.

Certainly one would feel after assisting in the driver's education previously for four older children, I would be comfortable with this again!

NEVER! *grin* NEVER! (shaking my head!)

A good driver is only as good as accumulated experience over time, and a parent's extreme practice of patience (fear!).

Here we go again..another teen wanting to take a spin;

New Driver's Prayer;

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, be with us on the way!
Dear St. Raphael (Patron of travelers) , make me a careful, confident, competent and safe driver.
Protect me against my own follies, foibles, faults, stupidities and mistakes, as well as against those of others
Protect my car against mechanical failures and help me in difficulties and problems caused by the weather or other circumstances including my state of mind or health.
St. Raphael, please drive for me and with me.

Son's add-on; And please Lord, help my mother to stop freaking out over every thing I do, though I do admit she had some reasons to be concerned a few times during our drive today especially when I forgot to put my seatbelt on while I began to accelerate and decided to do so with one hand on the wheel while almost moving too far off the road - on her side ;-) Please pray for her that she settles down a bit. LOL

Mother's add-on;
Lord make me safe, this is NOT the Indy 500 nor characters in a video game who have several lives if their wacky wheels crash. Now where oh where is that telephone number for AAA's driving course so someone else can come drive with him? LOL