Friday, July 11, 2008

Scenes from a summer's day participants

Snap happy participants

If you haven't had time to see the participants in this fun summer snapping challenge, I've posted them all on the the right sidebar of my blog. Welcome to all, how fun is this? BIG GRIN!

I'd like to invite everyone to view all the participant's blogs, and keep following along with their family's summer days, who are lovingly continuing to celebrate all that is beautiful, lovely, true and dear to their hearts.

Jennifer, thinking of you on your boat right about now, wishing I could be there on the seas with you. (smile) I love your roses and tribute for St. Elizabeth's feast day. Our girls have all loved this saint and enjoy dressing up like her, a queen for the day no doubt.

Joanne, you just know how much I love seeing children climbing trees by now...snicker.

Alison, your photos from your recent family vacation are fabulous, especially that red and blue crab. (wink)

Tina, LOVE your flower press. You must tell me where oh where you acquired that lovely sweet thing...LOL

Amy, love your fireworks photos for the fourth.

MaryM, welcome back to blogging, enjoy your family's summer vacation first and take lots of photos...LOL.

Let us all resolve to thoroughly enjoy taking advantage of our "snapping compulsive desires" all summer long.

And for those sitting on the sidelines, come on along and join the fun whenever you are able, love to have you along for the "scenes from a summer's day" photo challenge (it's not really, just an excuse for the many photos we take right everyone? LOL)