Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day, 3

Scenes from a Summer's Day

Off to capture 18 holes

Our youngest son put on his saddest face after playing this round of golf later in the day. He gave a great explanation about why he can no longer golf. You see, he admitted to losing the balance of his golf ball stash on the course during this last round.

After taking time to reflect on his dilemma at hand, and continued deep pensive thought, he concluded he's in dire need of obtaining a personal list of all possible extra chores, in the hope of earning some mighty "dollar-power". He hopes to purchase many more balls (the pond ones at the golf course - half price of course) for continued games in the future.

Boy for hire? Voluntarily? (rubbing my hands together and thinking of my possibilities Like his older brothers, he really loves this summer sport.