Saturday, July 12, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day, 4

Scenes from a summer's day

Beach Play

There is something about being able to visit the water's edge, to be near the waves lapping on the sand, thoughts drifting away as clouds overhead waltz in the skies.

I made a promise to the children, assuring them we'd do this more this summer, and this week we all enjoyed a very impromptu visit, just three of the children and I, together.

It was just blissful, so very calming for me especially to get near the water's edge, feeling the sand between my toes, hearing the children flap about in the water and then sipping a fresh cup of coffee I picked up along the way while soaking in all my senses were experiencing, thankful for my daughter who offered to buy it for me if we stopped so she could have an ice cappuccino herself. She even offered to buy a treat for everyone, celebrating St. Elizabeth's feast day. Jennifer, we could be near you this day, water and all. We just need your sailing boat! hee hee

She was generous, announcing a feast requires feasting

Her treat, cool and refreshing.

My treat, a delightful afternoon java...

As usual, I took many photos this day, playing with my camera until the batteries decided to fail me. Ah-ha! My daughter had her camera along, so she lent it to me. And then, just when I could "see" a few more great photos and I had already surrendered her camera, I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a few more! Not one to use a cell phone for photo snapping, I see the color is fairly intense in the photos below. I swear I never touched them up in any way. Incredible really, I'm impressed with the color myself. Hmmmm....

Taking photos on a cell phone includes intense color

I hope you are able to get near a water’s edge near to you this summer, it’s well worth the trip no matter how short or long your stay.