Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Loving hands, creating with flowers

Loving hands,
creating with flowers

It was still early in the morning when the flower gardens were watered, breakfast tended to and a basket was filled with floral lovelies. I never thought she would become so immersed in the task I was assuming at hand, but she did, and with great pleasure.

Loving hands picked up each flower, snipping ends gently and then arranging them in perfect sized vases with the greenery lingering nearby in the same basket. I was smitten and consumed with observing her, happily allowing her to create as she preferred.

There is something about white daisies and the freshness they ooze, their simple beauty taking my breath away every time. I have several varieties of daisies in my garden, white seems to be my chosen preference.

My daughter however grabbed the basket a little while after her vase displays were completed, and returned with a few orange fleurs to add color into the mix.

I inherited this sweet vase from my grandmother

When they were now just so, she announced; “I want to give some to my lady”, and her lady sits on the kitchen windowsill today for all to see. So cute!

My vase is also complete, all white daisies with greenery to accompany it, resting on the dining table. The love of flowers is something we just can't contain around here, always something beautiful to remind us of God's creation.

Until another day then, she is off to press a few leaves in her flower press.