Saturday, August 14, 2010

the barn's den mother...

My new title is most unusual = the local barn's den mother.

It is strange for sure, mostly because I'm not located at the barn, and I am not present all day either.

When a few of the gals need a place to be dropped off so their parents can get to work this summer, just like last year, my front door opens up anytime between 6-7:30am when necessary for such a help to those folks.

And at the end of the day when a parent becomes all worried and tense with traffic issues on a commute, or more hours are filling their day than initially anticipated, the girls know to come to me.

I am here for them.

Morning or late afternoon, sometimes overnight when it helps another parent, I like that I am here for them too, the parents that is. Because they are good folks, trying dearly to fulfill their girls "heart's desires" of having "fun" shoveling all that smelly good news up at the barn.

Sometimes I wonder why my girls might complain about having to do the dishes when they stink like an over ripened horse stall, and then I shake my head and laugh.

They know hard work. They do.

And they all work hard and sleep harder yet.

When morning comes, they smile (see photo above shortly after drop off, girls with smiles and clean faces...for the moment)

Do you know why?

Because they can go up and roll up their sleeves - yet again, so they can work in the hot, smelly, horse populated, dirt grinding, heavy duty chore environment all over again!

Ah, yes! The value of the dollar lessons they have learned - at the local barn.