Saturday, August 07, 2010


With big brother off working two jobs this summer, this young man hasn't had anyone to get out and go golfing with.

What a dilemna for him, mostly as the young golfers he does know are not able to keep up to him, basically playing as good as any adult already at his young age.

What's a mother to do when summer is here and there hasn't been any golfing yet?

Golf Camp!

Oh yes! A five day golf camp has him stoked (!), and ready to spend his hard earned summer job money on a pro-rated membership at the golf course who hosted this camp.

Eight campers, more or less golfing at the same levels (unheard of usually), embarked on a great week getting out and playing a round of golf a day, with a pro golfer out for escorting and mentoring to them.

Small competitions were even offered as challenges each day. Our son came home not once, but twice as the taker of the titles for the day's - longest shot (270feet) and the straightest shot.

One can only imagine how he quickly became more eager and more excited pumped with the love of the game.

So what's a young man to do for the rest of the summer for golf?

Two homeschooled boys play there, and since one of them is heading off to college, the other needs a partner. Imagine finding out he's around the same age, same level, same living area and all gung ho like our son! We'll see...

To be continued... but for now, our son has a brand new hat to wear, the one he won for his participation in the daily winning challenges, that of;
a Pro V sponsored Titleist yellow cap.

(You have to be a golfer to know about that brand I guess, or so I am told....smiles)