Tuesday, August 03, 2010

my little blue things

Hey everyone!

My house of little blue things is back on the wall again!

So long after our move, my little house is full of many loving memories once more, all those little blue things, those little wee things I've collected over the years, many years.

Being a descendant of Dutch immigrant parents, my husband grew up with many Delft blue items in his home. I on the other hand grew up with a mother who loved blue and white, many shades of lighter blues and white, atypical of something on the cover of recent "Victoria" magazine covers.

These little blue things remind me of our mothers, a little bit of them here with us ... in the east, and of so many others, the wee things gifted to me by loved ones are here too.

Discovering "wee things" happened for me about thirty plus years ago, beginning with miniatures for dollhouses, which I still love and collect today.

The delay in getting this little house all set up came as a direct result of a weakened roofing during our move, and our Mr. Fix-it was required to secure the backside.

And then there were several of the items broken, and in need of repair, like the circular windmill plate at the top, and the Delft blue tile, and other little dainties.

Most of all, there wasn't much in the way of wall space in the open concept of our main floor, so getting this house moved and in place was not happening. Or so it seemed. Until last week anyway.

I was a bit taken aback to find several of my collectible bits missing, lost in transit I suppose. They were so small I suppose, losing them was possible for the movers when packing up.


No matter.

I am just thrilled, (even more thrilled than I thought I would be!) to have the "forever feeling of familiar" back on my wall again.

(Psst - Note to our older kids; send updated photos)

My cozy little reading corner directly below the little house of blue things continues to offer me a real homey sweetness this past few days, with a few new-to-me magazines on the bookstacks from a lovely woman in the U.S. who blessed me a few older issues of two magazines I have not been familar with yet; "Faith and Family" and "Mater and Magistra". I can't wait to dive in!

I had better be off now, off to get the kettle on.

A cup of tea and a good read sounds great right about now after a full, full, full day around here....