Wednesday, August 18, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures

Every season offers its gifts to us in simple to complex ways.

When thinking of seasonal activities, immediately weather patterns seem to come to mind before all else.

During the season of summer, definitely the hot and humid are first and foremost, and then comes the reprieve of a summer storm, or a dip in the lake, perhaps a nice cold shower and leaving freshly washed hair to dry on its own.

  • Simple things prevail
  • Simple meals
  • Simple activities when the heat is just too high
  • Simple pleasures abound, only though for the person noting their possibilities, and sensing their timing to dive in and treasure them for what they are - utterly satisfying at the very least.
I love how summer lingers on, not always withstanding plenty of work, perhaps necessary through the months while in the process.

As I hear about my American friends beginning their schooling once more, it's just way too early for me to even phantom the whole idea of getting back to the books yet. We've only just begun our summer. Aren't we?

Oh yes we are... I have another 2-3 weeks left on my calendar for schooling purposes, though I have to admit too much time away from number figuring and reading makes a person might silly when having to return and memories fade for number facts.

When one of our younger children in the past would have a few schooling trivia questions or a bit of review thrown at them, I have always gauged when it's time to renew the flashcards when one of them tells me the answer to "what's 7X7?" and comes up with the answer of "14".

Oh, yes, several of our children have thought themselves mighty bold and proud in years gone by, for at least a second until they soon realize, that is definitely NOT the correct answer.

Blushing in a shade of crimson always became a subsequent facial involuntary action, and I'm awaiting the time until I need to throw that one in again, just to check the mental math and quickness of a reply answer.

Away we go then with my thoughts on summer's simple pleasures then.

My aim is to post a daily batch of photos, some of those summer's sweet and ever simple happenchance and special seasonal pleasures many of us don't take the time to reflect on.

I want to be thankful for them, always ~ for the summers in our lives naturally come and go, becoming only a spark of a memory over time.

I plan to weave and thread in stories in the batches of photos when I ponder occasionally over my own little stories of times past, those I cherish and those that still make me smile - often! For they are but a memory to me now....precious simple and sweet summertime memories - for always.

Here are a few of mine in recent days ... a few photos for today that is.

Games, Games and more Games!

When the humidity climbs and the chores are complete, for those days when the weather becomes an *inside activity day* with air so thick one could slice it, games can become a staple in our home.

With the schooling and game area all nicely revamped and organized (that was one of the rooms I shuffled the past while), beloved games are coming off the shelves back to back, resulting in hours of play.

But, a deck of cards can provide entertainment and happen anywhere. And they do.

In the kitchen, the dining room, on a couch, in the van, a deck in a knapsack, they really do travel well within our family.

Playing "hearts", "crazy eights", "speed", and all sorts of card games, those aren't the fun times you know. The fun times are gathering round, laughing and recalling days gone by with logical thinking in the foreground, but conversation in the background.

It's taking in a snack while in full play, not being in any hurry to move elsewhere away from the hub of the action taking place front and center.

It's having dad to play with.

It's having mom take photos of their card hands and not having anyone balk about showing another their hand...ha ha.

It's playing, with 2 or maybe 4 players, rotating and challenging yet one more game before another task calls and finally breaks up the party.

It's taking out old games, board games, and ensuring all is well played, often leaving them out in full view in the hope of another such session possibility in the near future. Oh yes, games in this house are like that.

They are.

They come and go, just like the seasons, but when they arrive again, it's always sweet and great.