Thursday, August 26, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 8

Ah, yes.

Summer offers us many opportunities to take in festivals and rides at a local fair.

I've seen some very sweet and oh so happy faces this year when we've escorted them to the water's edge for yet another festival and there are rides to scream on!

These two discovered; the octopus, the scrambler, the Gravitron and best of all - the ZIPPER!

Uh boy!

Wooohooooooo......once my very favorite ride of all time, that is until someone threw up and it all fell through every cage in the air while zipping about.

But, I never shared that with these two, for only one was brave enough to go on at all, and he may not have braved it if such a tale was offered before hand.

Like a real trooper though, I told him after he got off, still green and laughing silly.

I'm happy the little memory banked story didn't make him hurl all over the ground. ha ha