Monday, August 23, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 5

Summer is for playing in the backyard together...

Loving our property this year when the bugs offer a bit of mercy and the humidity isn't too thick.

Last year we weren't able to utilize the back property much at all due to the landscaping after knocking the trees down, when grass seeding was in progress and no one could romp about over it.

Fast forward to this year when the bocce balls, the croquet set and the badminton rackets are frequent visitors to the back deck surface, and I get giddy just thinking about them!

Playing bocce ball was always a favorite but we never really had a whole lot of room many years ago when we first acquired our set.

Our former home offered playing space, loads of grassy area for throwing and aiming wildly out yonder. And then with the absence of play fields last year while work was in progress, it seems a while new outlook was gifted to us this year as summer approached in our midst.

Families need to recall a time when the simplicity of everyone gathering round for another game didn't require money, just time spent together having fun and making memories.

The whole idea of taking that time is one thing many families have become so dreadfully busy outside of their own homes, they forget the gentle nudge and happy faces who might benefit from remembering to box in a game or two occasionally when the weather is grand and snow isn't requiring a wide brimmed shoveling.