Saturday, August 28, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 10

Summers are for mothers who worry about their children spending too much time in the sun, getting overheated, ensuring there is sunscreen on all their epidermis, do they have a hat, are they drinking water, and a whole myriad of thoughts and concerns.

The girls are at the barn sometimes daily this summer, working the horse trails either on foot, on a horse or simply fetching, tacking and untacking before sponging down the horses.

There is so much to do at a horse farm, volunteers are the backbone of their communities. Plus, there are horse camps to run and children to mind, let alone the new puppy.

What puppy?

It's a pony by size! That of a great dane puppy, only ten months but HUGE! He's so playful and always getting in the way of a horse, the girls are always chasing it away or saving it from harm.

Another new experience.

And one more thing, it's been so cute this summer to watch all the gals get into the spirit of "colorful" at the barn.

Our girls have adopted the colors of light blue and red. Two of the other gals jumped on the bandwagon with bright yellow and neon green, another has purple.

Something so simple has grown into a bit of a tradition over there, so fun!

In the photo above, shown are the "Polos" their horses have been wearing during their lessons and horse training sessions.

All good.

As their reward, a fun ride or training lessons at the end of the day are always a boon, girls and their dirty faces and happy toothy smiles are continuously begging for just another hour - please oh mommy please?

And then, they continue to expand their horse loving horizons as I've shared here before, by turning their head and hearts toward horse show competitions.

This week our older daughter entered her first competition and I'll always remember the flurry of excitement in our home the days before, the day of with another overnight, and her super beautiful smile in the ring. She was thrilled to be there, and glowing with delight on her pretty face.

Happy, Happy Gal!