Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Launching a new blog on ~ "Lung Disease"

We've been pokey slow at getting this project underway, and though it's still not yet fully complete to where we'd like it to be, we decided to get it launched just the same.

For those of you who know us on Facebook, you've already been privy to an earlier launch, but for those of you we missed, or are new to our blog, this one's for you! :)

The blog title is;

There are the early beginnings already set up over there for;
"Mounier-Kuhn Syndrome", the lung disease which my husband suffers from, along with "Pulmonary Fibrosis", "Bronchiectasis", and "Emphesema".
Upon occasion, bits and pieces of my husband's health journey will be noted and updated over on the new blog, those particular items which might contain possibilities, perhaps offering help to another over time by way of experiences or further discovered informational goodies while walking on "the road less traveled".

Good things happen in numbers where support is discovered. We know that all too well ourselves. It only stands to reason then, why not begin logging the "journey" as this will be a heartfelt attempt at being thrust "out there".

Hearing in return, other inspiring stories from those who are, or who have experienced similar walks, those are definitely meant to be shared.

So we'd love to hear from you if you feel inclined to write. Please feel free to email us privately, with your comments or suggestions anytime.