Thursday, August 19, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 2

Florals straight from our garden...

(wildflowers - a simple floral gift from the gals at the barn who spend much time here)

I love flowers everywhere and have chosen to take this summer season to bless our family's living spaces with our own home-grown bouquets of floral designs, those simple pleasures right outside of our doorways in our very own gardens.

Though I have not the varieties available to me like those of our former home grounds, I am benefiting from more this year than last, loving each new bloom and snapping way too many photos of them in growth progression.

There's nothing so fine as heading outdoors in the early morning hours, with wicker basket and snippers in tow in search of pretty varieties of colorful florals to create summer's simple pleasures, those of ever- cheery bouquets.

And, best of all, it develops the happy habit of "using what we have" on hand, freebies to boot.

Sweet Pleasures

the gift of faith

the gift of family

the gift of florals from my very own garden

and the gift of my little blue birdie.