Tuesday, August 31, 2010

summers sweet and simple pleasures ~ 12

This summer I became the delighted recipient of an invitation to an afternoon tea party. Not a regular tea mind you, a very special "Summer's High Tea Luncheon".

The lady who invited me was the very first person who approached me after moving here when I attended a local "Newcomer Club" meeting.

My hostess is such a lovely lady, and I've really enjoyed getting to know her more. And, though I am not always able to get to much else thus far, other than the monthly meetings and such, she has never forgotten about me, always hoping to get me out to get to know a few of the group's ladies better.

This summer, this lovely luncheon hails at the top of my "simple pleasures list", for the memory it impressed upon me, for the beauty it offered, for the respite in the dead center of a busy week, where relaxation toppled the visit and good conversation reigned high.

And it offered a childlike and exquisite simplicity when dining and feasting over a special luncheon with lovely and dear ladies who haven't given up on me, the newbie who plopped herself right into their geographical area.

Every time I can enjoy the ambiance and culinary lovelies to accompany my hot cup of tea, I like to savor the moments, the joy of taking time on purpose to dine and visit with others, just laying low and sitting back while reveling in the moment, plunging into the depths of what lay before me.

Times like these don't present themselves too often, and it then becomes so much more than just a luncheon to me.

Kindred ladies in oh so many ways, yes, that's what they are.... these special new friends of mine.

Only once a year does this hostess select a date and invite a room full of the group's ladies, all warm and friendly, just happy to make time for each other for one wonderful afternoon together. And it was there I was so blessed to be in their midst for this special afternoon with them.

Grateful for simple pleasures, this one was a highlight this summer for me....