Wednesday, August 25, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 7

Oh yes, summer.... the time of year when the sun is high and the heat is higher.

At the end of a hard day (read; heat/humidity), there are occasional evenings when heading to the beach is a very, very good idea for my hubby to get some real air, and fresh at that.

It's always a pleasure to head there after the dinner hour, just when most folks are heading home after a long day of beach play.

Not us, we are like fish who flow upstream I'm sure these days, though I must admit, having those perfect seats to the sunsets have been blessing us continually as you might have noticed in my last post of sunset photos.


Like the sunset shown above with all sorts of color; purple, blues, pinks, and even yellowy hues.


Just a quick question if you've been reading these past seven posts of "summer's sweet and simple pleasures". Would you like to also join me in saluting the final days of summer before September arrives.