Friday, August 13, 2010

a tale of two little bird houses

Our last little batch of bird nesting in our son's bird house was a special discovery, the first eggs ever found in that house.

Now two other bird houses our children made just happened to be left perched on the upper deck railing of the back porch, for that someday hanging in a tree out yonder, which of course, never seemed to happen.

Too late!

One little bird houses on each corner of the upper back deck railing are now occupied.

For whatever reason, it seems as though a pair of small wrens are making nests simultaneously, working together in pairs.

Maybe male and female, maybe both female, so far we can't tell.

Both houses have had an abundance of birding activity with little "wrens" flying to and fro, busily preparing simple and yet complex nests inside. After a bit of work, they perch on the rooftop and sing their little hearts out, perhaps signaling one another.

Small twigs appear each day, new ones brought up and into the sides of each house, and then the bird eventually returns through the front circular hole to construct its baby birdie egg laying bed.

It's been so sweet hearing their shrills early morning singsong, and not at all messy to have them about to live so close on the upper railing of the deck.

We can't open up the roofing to take a little peak inside of these houses, so we wait, and watch, and keep an eye out for wee ones to appear.

Birding. Gotta love it!