Tuesday, August 03, 2010

an impromptu afternoon date with my man

There are rare days the past few months when my husband can physically get outdoors for any length of time.

Oh sure, like any man, he pushes himself when necessary, usually with discomfort at the end of that timing.

Summer is a wonderful time of year.

The weather this summer has been more than wonderful, more than lovely, and oh so hot!

It's not the heat that becomes the worst factor, though it can, and has, created a roadblock for enjoying moments outdoors with respiratory conditions at the helm of the decision.

Rather, it's the humidity, that awful steamy-sticky stuff that bolts its way through opened windows and doors, surrounding us in a cloud of barely enjoyable thoughts of proceeding outdoors. No.

How many times this summer have we opened our doors, only to close them soon after?

And then, out of the blue comes a day when the temperature drops to provide comfort, and the humidity all but disappears and dashing out the door becomes something like a horse about to run the race of his life, because my husband heads outside - and can get out there, relishing in the moments of the "possible".

One such day was in our midst this week, two actually so far.

With all of our children out and about, either at work or invited to come for a playday, we found ourselves in that very odd moment, a rare moment in fact - alone together. What a concept!

Off we went, on an impromptu date! Hooooey !

There was a restaurant type, one similar to something one might see on;
"Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" located on the Food Channel. It was a place that came highly recommended for a must visit, our vehicle heading off in that direction.

A bright yellow house signaled us to stop and park.

"Mad Michael's"

NOW would you eat here if you never knew how good it really was?

A tiny village atmosphere was all around, with a few antique shops, a fire hall and this restaurant. That was it!
  • Bright yellow house.
  • Bright yellow napkins.
  • Bright yellow shirts.
  • Bright yellow menus
And gardens so beautiful all over for a patron's walking pleasure, all encouraged to take a stroll about them.

The owner and cook was famous for his outdoor cook shack where he offered daily pulled pork, pulled chicken and every single thing offered on his menu made from scratch!
  • All condiments, soups, pastries and breads - from scratch.
  • All of his smoked meats were smoked by him alone.
  • All of the vegetables used were grown by him.
  • And all of the furniture was made by him when his seasonal cooking days were done for fall and winter.


This was one experience we were very pleased to have this day.

Oh, and did I mention his lemonade was freshly pressed and made on the spot once the order was placed?

And if this isn't all enough, the owner/cook himself not only cooks everything for the restaurant customers dining at his out of the way establishment, he also is the one to deliver all meals to them personally, fresh from his cooking shack out back.

Oh, and then there's his authentic Native Indian teepee further out back, the storage spot for all of his cherry wood everything is made to perfection atop of on the cooker.

Inside he offers all his daily baked goods for sale, and occupies a table at a farmer's market once each week to sell his goods and advertise his restaurant.

There was so much to admire in our general area outdoors on the patio. With my husband able to be outside, darned rights we were on the patio! And what a splendid and most extraordinary memory this day made for us.

Smitten - we'll go back when the moon turns blue again and we are able to get out in the middle of the day alone for such a thing once more.