Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A summer's day to play

When there is an opportunity to play in summer, a free day so to speak, it doesn't take too long to figure out it really is true men think with a different side of their brain.

Laughing as I type this out, my hubby was on a day off, and the idea of taking a stroll on the water's edge was as tempting as any delight, especially with heat and humidity at a fair range.

Yes, a strong cappuccino before that stroll added to the punch for sure.

And we did.

My husband though had other plans for the rest of the day. He did.

Before his day off, he discovered the once yearly famous Italian farmer Roma tomato delivery day, parking his truck on an impromptu thought he'd maybe be lucky enough to get a bushel full again, like last year.

His good impulsive luck was right up there, making it a happy day for him, pulling off the purchase of not one, but two of the bushels, a mere one hundred (that's right - 100!) pounds of the ruby red fruits.

As the guy carried out his booty for him and loaded it into his truck, proudly my husband stood with his sweet success of the day.

Surprises awaited me! And what a BIG surprise that was, about three weeks earlier than expected!

So, a few days off have been spent under heaping mounds of washing, drying, slicing, dicing, stirring, heating, cooking, stirring, and boiling water in the canner.

Worst thing?

Running out of canning jar lids! I'm restocked now, with hard to find in the dead of summer lids.

Yes, we've been processing tomatoes alright, and are about 30 pounds away still from the finish line.

Oh, but decidedly, we're not simply processing those mounds of red delights, we've made batches and batches of tomato sauce instead this year to keep in our pantry for months to come.

I hope they last for months and months.

They have to last, they do, because if they don't I fear my hubby might take up the advice of the little Italian lady who stood in front of him in that line up, telling him she buys ten each year and spends a whole week making things for her family. Oh my!

In between our batches, lest you think we aren't doing other summer things. We've hopped up to the beach at sunset when possible, getting ourselves off of our feet.

And then there's been the servicing of both vehicles, outdoor work, continuing projects and goals met on the check list, mama and daddy taxi service aplenty (!), and instructing the roofers, electricians and drywallers.

Never a dull moment here folks.

Whoever made up that slogan anyway - the "LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER"....? Not me! :)