Monday, August 09, 2010

Savoring the moments of sister-time

When two sisters (who live many miles apart) get the chance to gather together for a fast and furious 48 hour visit, there's nothing quite so very fine as time spent sipping and savoring cinnamony-cappuccinos, while dipping in crunchy chocolate biscotti.

The best part for both us was not having a time deadline, just stolen hours together.

This was the scene for us last weekend, a whole day wandering about together after my hubby announced;

"No worries honey, I've got the meal menu made for the weekend. You just go ahead and enjoy time with your sister and do whatever you two want to do."

And so, we spent the better part of a day walking around the waterfront, lingering at the outdoor festival being held there ,and shopping in the older part of the town's section with many interesting boutiques to mossy through.


Since I only have one of them and I'm happy to spend stolen time with her ~ anytime.