Tuesday, August 24, 2010

summer's sweet and simple pleasures ~ 6

Summer would just not be the same within vast amounts of plain ole water and lots of squeezed lemon juice to create "floaties" in my glass.

There is such a serious thing as encountering dehydration, a very real danger to the body over time.

As I've been continually reading about the importance of water replenishment, our children have developed great habits of drinking more and more of it.

To think that each cup of caffeine negates itself away from the direct benefits of a simple glass of water, seems crazy, but it's oh so true. Tea is the same, anything with caffeine, even some sodas will negate the benefits of water for the body's rehydration.

I've also learned if I want to savor and slowly sip on the flavor of the liquid from coffee beans, or a deep appreciation for enjoying a specialty celebratory coffee, I had better offer myself at least three times more water around it.

And I do...believe me I do.

Oh, and speaking of water.... we have no city water where we live, rather a nice deep well on our property.

New to us in this home, we were instructed to supply a water bottle sample each week for three weeks to the public health department, as suggested, and all results came back just fine, except for the last one. There was no conclusive evidence for either bacteria or ecoli, but just to be same, it was highly recommended we offer another sample for safety reasons.


It was a little nerve wracking, one more thing to get used to having to place on our summer schedule, but well worth it when the latter test came back with flying colors in our favor, all was great!

Summer's sweet and simple pleasures for me is gulping back plenty of water with a refreshing slice of lemon in it.