Thursday, April 03, 2008

April's Shower of Photos: : Day 1 & 2

April Shower of Photos
Day 1 & 2

Imagine a family living on a sailboat, homeschooling their daughter and blogging about their experiences. For Jennifer, this is exactly what she is doing, living life on the high seas and making the rest of us drool over her dreamy aqua moments.

I decided to play along with Jennifer's fun photography challenge called; "April Shower of Photos", where the general idea will be to take one photo every day during the month of April, photos containing things of interest. I have many things of interest to me, and everyone knows my camera is my trusty pal, never leaving my side, not ever. LOL Therefore this theme can encompass a multitude of things for whatever my heart's desires all month long. Each day will be a surprise, both to you, and to me. (grin)

It seemed fitting to enter this fun endeavor with the rest of the ladies involved, especially after uploading my last photo shoot with the daffodils in my kitchen window and the private email responses I received from it.

Without further ado, I'll share two photos today instead of one, simply because it will assist me in creating a jumpstart with me being late out the gate with my first official entry during this; "April Shower of Photos". Tomorrow I'll post two more, and that should have me all caught up. For today, while I remain here in depths of my office/studio still feeling a wee bit crafty after last night's card class, I think I'll give you a glimpse of what is nesting straight ahead of me.