Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Scenes from a road trip...

Scenes from our road trip..

(a medical trip no one was eager to take,
but everyone put on their best cheery fronts)

A glorious day to travel - 22 degrees (Celsius)!

Leader of the pack

Everywhere we went, they followed behind us

A little suffocating in trucker's alley

We didn't really fit in here did we?

A little sustenance goes a long way...
decaf for him, leaded for me

No doubt this load of vehicles is bound
for the middle east

Imagine that! I swear there's no Photoshop here

Trying to copy his sister and her friend's
weird finger poses

When out of the country, eat what
is not available in Canada!

Seattle's Pike Place first store original colors

Are we there yet?