Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 22

April Shower of Photos
Day 22

When modern technological inventions are used for advancing greater care in preserving energy consumption, all are lauded and invited into our world, gifts perhaps to society at large.

One has to wonder though when encountering farming countryside scenery such as the one below, where technology comes to reside on farm lands. I've often scratched my head over how this occurs near livestock and residential housing on someone's farmland property. The wind turbines themselves don't look as big as they are, until you get nearer to the towering 80 meter heights, and then they look massive, shrinking the gigantic barns or housing and making them look puny!

Technology welcomed by countryside farmers?

To me they are complete eyesores, and I'm hoping there isn't a bit of bureaucratic bullying going on to capture all the wind power these wind turbines are supposed to generate for the benefit of each country by appearing in a neighborhood near you. Apparently there are 23 of them coming closer to us in the near future, all plopped onto (you got it) farm lands in the countryside. Do you also have some in your local area?

These wind turbines are becoming more popular both in Canada and the USA. Take a read through the newspaper article I found here titled; Grow renewable energy on farms.

Here's another interesting article titled; Tutting at wind farms, about the turbines besieging the countryside in Scotland and Britain.