Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Of doodling and wild bunny inspirations

Of Doodling...
Wild Bunny inspirations!

Last weekend the children gathered around their daddy on the back deck where all the patio furniture once again sits ready for the summer ahead. With colorful crayons nearby, all began to doodle on the blank sheets of paper in their midst. As we surveyed the damage in the garden from the wild bunnies visiting again and chewing the "greens" on the property, they soon became a subject topic in the doodling.

Yes, I visited a local garden nursery this week to replace a few of our robbed plants (must be terrific to eat) courtesy of our furry hopping creatures visiting in the night. Here are their favorite below, varigated hostas, and if anything, more for these sweet things to to nibble on.

Below is something special for all our grandchildren to see;

Grandpa's bunnies for you all...

Art is man's nature: Nature is God's art.