Saturday, April 26, 2008

In training

Another son is ...

"In Training"

Ready for another youngun to
commence with shared lawn duties

It's that time of year again, mowing the lawn with our friend John. Do we share the same friend, you know, John Deere?

Ah yes, with the summer weather all week, lovely yellow decorations appeared on our lawn and the wind seemed to be able to rustle through longer blades of grass by the end of the week.

Our friend John was returned to us after being revved up for the summer with a tune up and seasonal repairs. He works hard for us, always loyal during the mowing duties, all four hours each week on our three acre grassy property.

Oh sure we'd love to have animals, but we aren't zoned anything but residential here, a change from the early days of agricultural like our neighbor enjoys being grandfathered in to with their horses. Oh to have a goat! Or a horse for the girls. Instead John comes a calling, fresh from our barn to offer his assistance each week.

Training only takes a short while, it's
getting the rows lined up that matters
most so none of the cutting is missed.

With our daughter babysitting for the day as a mother's helper, her usual duty of the back of the property required training duties for our youngest son. He wasn't able to use our Husquarvana mower, it was just too difficult for him. However with our friend John, he's doing mighty fine work out there today, tutored by his father as he completes row by row in steady motion.

Yoohoo, can you see him all the way out there?

Our older son was out in force with the push mower and weed whacker roaring steadily before him at his service, and my husband is quite territorial about cutting his own front yard. By the time he completes it though, he's done - exhausted from all the wild action of bumping up and down and has to retreat and give in for the day, handing the mower to the other children to complete the task.

Riding a mower is tiring after a while for
this guy, so he appreciates all of his helpers

Wiped out, taking a moment, and
enjoying the warmth of the sun

Training a child to mow the lawn is likened to passing the torch to a future club member. This family club is something different from yours no doubt, truly unique too I'll bet. (grin)

Looking good!