Saturday, April 12, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 12

April Shower of Photos
Day 12

A rather large and bulky package arrived in the mail, awaiting my pick up at our local post office. Everyone was taken by surprise as I carefully carried it from the vehicle, through the garage, and into the house, finally toppling it down onto the kitchen counter.

Like a strong magnet, squeals of delight erupted and everyone came running from their various corners in the house to see the box set there.

"Who can it be from?"; they all asked.

"Hmmm, I have no idea"; I said. "Let's hurry up and open it to find out".

I had to snicker at the enthusiastic offers for fetching a pair of scissors to cut the tape. When the flaps were unsecured, I paused for a moment and offered each child a suspenseful moment, before flinging them up high enough to reveal the contents of the package.

My little "love package" contained delightful things.

The contents inside gave away whom the sender was for sure - my sister in Massachusetts!

Ohhhhh, my sister thought to thrill me with a bit of a "love package"! Oh, how she loves me! grin. Among other gifts and assorted things sent for everyone inside, these items in the photo above were sent for me to use in my own special way.

Thanks a bunch sis! Love you!

P.S. Sending birthday greetings to another sister...

Happy Birthday Joyce!
Thinking of you today, love you too!