Monday, April 14, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 14

April Shower of Photos
Day 14

Morning routines;

Of routines in general - You either love them or hate them.

Regular daily routines are formed by choice, detailed on purpose, resulting over time in natural habits. Remember the 21 day rule? It’s true. It takes that much time to form a new habit.

This “April Shower of Photos” daily picture below offers you a glimpse into my husband's morning routine, a daily ritual he’s had to work on, thrusting him into a whole new world of directives out of necessity; an absolute medical requirement. When everything else is added into his morning routine list (ie; morning shower, hair wash, drying off, drying hair, dressing, etc.), his medications swallowed, breathing exercises done, and blood pressure monitoring complete, utter exhaustion and overwhelming fatigue often take over, requiring him to take a wee bit of a catch his breath and recover.

I can’t even begin to imagine why people would choose to tease or worse yet - complain when he decides not to shave. It is during times like these when I would find myself thinking...“If only they knew why,” and it has become something unspoken around here when those hairy stubbles begin to appear. Besides, I happen to absolutely love him in a beard when he chooses to sport one, but then I also know where he’s coming from when it appears there.

Here’s to morning routines then, wee rests, and sporting hairy beards!

Love you baby!

And on another note...
Here's to you too Denise, belated "Happy Birthday Greetings". Hugs!