Sunday, April 06, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 6

April Shower of Photos
Day 6

There has been a remarkable improvement in the weather here since yesterday. Today the sun is beaming high in the sky already, and the shore's edge isn't screaming from its recent frozen state any longer.

In my mind, there are very few places for me which tend to evoke an incredible sense of calm, but among one of my favorites is visiting the water's edge, where I love to become completely mesmerized to the sounds of the waves lapping up on the sand. It's also a place where I can submit wholeheartedly to the familiar welcoming scent the sea embraces me with upon each visit, lifting me up and drifting my very soul along with the sea's gentle rhythm offerings.

Did someone say summer was right around the corner? I can hardly wait, but secretly I've really enjoyed all our snow. (grin)

The photo above was a practice shot for dividing my subject into "thirds", but for those of you preferring a "normal" kind of shot, this is your bonus day (snicker) because I've also included another of the same shot below for you to view.