Monday, April 14, 2008

Good news and great analogies!

Thrilling news!

Things are becoming so incredibly exciting over at my friend Justine’s blog, “To Dream the Impossible Dream” for they have a huge announcement posted over there, equating as Denise says to “It’s a Girl, times two!”. The family had a dream and together after a full nine months from start to referral, they are rejoicing at the thought of being united soon with their two little girls, ages 3 ½ & 4 ½.

Sincere congratulations are in due order! We are so excited for you!

"Thinking all things pink" is definitely on their minds today, and I would like to invite you to visit their blog and leave them a comment if you feel so inclined to do so, as they continue to celebrate, and give thanksgiving for their great news.

On another note (again)...

My friend Denise posted something of great interest to me today on her blog; "Living Life Creatively". She’s a bit uncanny, because while laying down to sleep, she came up with a very (!) brilliant analogy when comparing two friends to herself, Justine and me that is. The analogy compared us to being similar in ways to specific amusement park rides. Here’s mine, just imagine this...

“Renee is the ferris wheel with the gently rocking seats, not caring about having to stop 30 more times before actually getting going. At each stop, life is viewed, appreciated, and probably photographed from a different perspective.”

I have to admit she has pegged us well, that is with the exception of herself of course. Denise, enjoy your rabbits, and your very creative moments. Take more photos but really get into that lens to see the world before you. Age is not a factor my dear, and heh, no parts can possibly fly off on your ride... Squeals of laughter maybe, a sisterchick forever moment to savor, possibly a much faster beating heart, or wet pants maybe, but sheesh, not the other. (LOL) Here's a thought; Maybe we all need to get together again, the three of us, and visit an amusement park to compare notes.

Justine, what say you? Denise is just brilliant, don’t you think, especially at the very least when I think of the Ferris wheel bit for myself. Is it a coincidence or what that I just posted about my ride on one from our trip to Chicago! Gosh though, I have to admit, that one was a little slow for me....but I snapped lots of photos and loved the view from the top, snickering... Wish you were there.

Love you both!!!