Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Friday Night Hockey is here again!

Friday Night Hockey is back!

Friday night ball hockey has resumed in our family’s sports court again. All participants are excited to play and eagerly await their rival opponent challenges noted on the (serious) hockey spring session's schedule.

Two-on-two teams play using net goalies

This season, not to be undone, our daughter and her friend entered as a girl’s team, worrying a few of the young men because so far they aren’t as terrible as their opponents thought they would be beforehand.

Serious schedules & statistics are important in this league.

Perhaps it’s a genetic thing, or the inspiration of an older brother’s methods when playing sports, but this has become a super serious hockey league in our country area, not only with teams coordinating their shirt colors, but imagine the tabulations made nightly, keeping everything on paper from goals and assists scored, statistics galore and the season’s team rankings in general. These players mean business, they want to win the equivalent of a "Stanley Cup".

Our dogs are sure enjoying the company this night

Let's talk using your dog language

The footwork is fast and furious, the rules stringent, but all are happy and content to show up for another night of play here on our property every Friday night. The difference between this session and the fall session has to be the warmer weather and longer daylight.

Setting up the flood lights for continued play after dark

The flood lights are set up anyway, just in case there are overtime issues in a game. I told you it was serious. There are even tarps nearby for possible rainy evenings. Let them play on!

Notice the flood light hanging from the basketball net

Follow the ball folks

At the conclusion of the evening when all the games are complete, stats noted and clean up begins, I’d love to be the spokesperson for an underarm deodorant commercial, because shortly afterwards they all begin parading into the house for a bit of down time. Ewwwwwww.......

Notice the boards set up so the ball won't drift off the court.

Two girls have surprised everyone with their skills

Electrical lighting extension cords are wrapped around the fencing for "surround lighting" after dark.

Dark? No problem, but someone just purchased a neon ball to use during nightfall moments.

As long as this great group of young people want to assemble on our sports court to play hockey, or come inside and crash our own friday night party (wink), we have no problem playing hosts and being present as parents for such evenings. But frankly, speaking for my hubby and myself, we do prefer this particular season over the fall session because when they commence their games, they're not already shivering from the onset of winter weather creeping in during those evenings. Play on!