Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pretty purses all in a row...

Pretty purses all in a row

Ever cute!

(It's hard to see the purse ribbon because
it's black, same as my keyboard here)

Crafting with the younger children produced many exciting items today, a few were focused of course on May Day fun tomorrow, in all honesty - these were the hit of the day!

These adorable and sweet little purses were constructed from scraps of paper, a punchie and a brad poked through the center of everything. A bit of rubber stamping beforehand embellished the purse.

The grand finale for completing the little purse was the secure placement of one hershey's kiss inside for the lucky recipient of the fancy wee delight.

This afternoon, one of our daughter's friends came over for a visit and was thrilled when I offered her a purse to take home. And our youngest daughter is attending her Brownie commencement evening tomorrow, flying up to Girl Guides, so some will go to her leaders as little gifts.

Oops, forgot the green one in the first photo..

I took the first photo at the top and forgot to include the green purse, so there are two of the "pretty purses in a row"... both contributing to this month's total photo count on my computer...

I had a much longer post in mind to upload but thought this little one would suffice for tonight. I want to dedicate it to my blogging groupies, the ones whom I only know as "anonymous" from at least one comment posted HERE. I promise now that the "April Shower of Photos" is finished, I'll get on top of posting more crafty fun for you all. Let me know how you like it, and heh, even an initial would assist me in identifying you, wink.