Friday, April 18, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 18

April Shower of Photos
Day 18

So, poking fun the other day I was telling a few ladies this "April Shower of Photos" has been hilarious around here. Instead of my husband asking "What's for dinner?", early in the morning, he now asks "What photos did you place on your blog?".

I've waited years and years for a distraction like this one, but yesterday not only did he ask which photo, he also commented on the upload the day before, saying the sunset photo was (meh) merely okay. He gave me a little critique by saying in actual fact I'd missed the real sunset, the blazing orange sun just before it crested. Admittedly it was a little dark, but I liked it what I snapped! For me, it was lovely. And besides, that's why people have the option to click onto the photo to enlarge the scene before them, right? Maybe it's a guy thing?

So, about today's just knew it had to get around to something 'hockey' again didn't you? grin

NHL hockey season is on its way out, at least for this loyal family fan club for the Vancouver Canuck team. Yes, folks, this hockey fevered family is loyal to the end, although recently the Atlanta Thrashers and the Pittsburgh Penguins are looking not too bad for the eastern regions.

When out west this past visit, three of our children acquired new Canuck hockey jerseys, on sale for a fraction of the cost, or at least these former team logo jerseys were. No matter to our children here, they wear their Canuck jerseys proudly, and show them off for the diehard fans they still are.

Go Canucks Go! But do a whole lot better next year will ya!

One jersey and four chocolate hockey pucks,
gifts from family back home.