Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Shower of Photos : : Day 30 Finale...

April Shower of Photos
Day 30


I am celebrating tonight; yes I’m dancing to the beat of the “April Shower of Photo’s” celebration song as I cross the finish line tonight.

I’m celebrating the reality that I actually rose up to the challenge of posting a new photo (or several) each and every day for the entire month of April.

Always allow time for enjoying the beauty of flowers...

The idea seemed so entertaining to me, and as a bonus here, my husband actually reads my blog more than ever before, curious about which photo gets delegated and posted for the day’s assignment. In fact, he reads it every day, and is now inputting his own ideas into what I need to blog about, or which photos my camera should steer and focus to before shooting the pics from his viewpoint.

If you are a blogger, does your husband entertain the idea of placing “yours” in his bookmarked favorites? I feel so lucky to have my own husband loving the blogging world I’m involved in, and I knew I was up to this pleasurable idea Jennifer presented and challenged everyone with.

Alas, I hate to see the photo fun come to its close, though I have to plead guilty over remaining behind in other special posts, mainly written, though evidently not uploaded, just sort of hanging around in the archives of my computer.

Out my kitchen window the past few days....

My children were completely engrossed in this month long project, as my husband. Between them and my reliable friend - the camera, most were in attendance or tagged along everywhere I went. My camera was serenaded often, and was granted a placement of importance upon the upper corner of the computer desktop for a quick grab by everyone aboard here (though all the photos uploaded were mine...hee hee), helpers and such (wink). Do you have these in your home - helpers that is? smile

Here’s where I’ll send your jaw sagging towards the flooring underneath you now. I am so in devoted to digital photography and marvel how I would EVER afford to keep up with photo finishing if I chose to print off each photo ever snapped on my camera these days. I’ve uploaded all the photos for the thirty days of April, all 1281 of them! See! Told ya your jaw would fall, maybe just even a smidgen!

She was looking for a "pocket money" assignment. And she not only chose her own task, but also persevered through a cold snap picking a plethora of dandelions by the bucketful.

When the sun came out again today, many more dandelions suddenly opened up, overwhelming her for only a moment, observing the yellow polka dotted contrast within the much greener grass.

Yellow everywhere!

Actually, we’re down a few hundred shots this month when compared to others this past year. (grin) Good thing I’m a scrapbooker huh, a compulsive attachment to making memories. I am, I am.

Thank you Jennifer! What fun we all had!