Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just a wee note...

Overdue posts are going to be continuous for the next few weeks.

I am being made to feel quite guilty by a few family members here for not posting things of importance to them, even as far back as our trip to Montreal, and other assorted events within our family's memory banks.

My Christmas posts are not coming because I've realized I haven't the photos yet to accompany much of them, but they will.

As I publish my blog into family treasured keepsake books, this is my own labor of love while attending to the duty of family historian during our overall journey to the east.

If you are an email subscriber or read my posts via RSS feeds, you might reckon I've lost my mind as perhaps many posts begin to come your way for a bit. Thanks in advance for your patience with me. *blush*

If you hop over here from the blog URL, not so much as I will back date some of them to fit into the chronological order for when they actually occurred.

Have a great day everyone!