Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When in Rome...

Live like the Romans....

When I was younger, only skis were found here

.....when living in wintry-freezing-cold geographical locations - learn to explore the winter playground fun available there.

Last winter, shortly after we moved here, we discovered four ski resorts located not too far away. I offered our four younger children an opportunity to attempt a skiing or snowboarding experience. It never happened. The dangling carrot was not tempting enough for them I guess.

Last month our older daughter had the opportunity to try snowboarding on the slopes with her school. She was excited and figured if her older two sisters had the hang of it, she too could be successful at this new activity. Not so!

During her initial lesson with several others, all graduated to the next level but her. Sliding and boarding wasn't her issue, simply remaining vertical was a problem. She thinks her instructor became exasperated with her, especially when she face planted into the ground at one point and he yanked on the back of her jacket and hoisted her up like a stiff bodied mannequin.

When the noon hour rang, she threw in the towel and headed for the cafeteria, annoyed and vowed never to try this sport again.

Grooming the slopes for a black diamond area,
one of 25 slopes to ride on

Last week, the younger two had the opportunity to try their hand at it. Our son chose snowboarding, his sister skiing. We would meet a whole group of others from our homeschooling group.

After the initial hubbub and assembly line style of gathering rental equipment, off they went in search of their numbered lesson areas, ready to begin but apprehensive after their sister's recent tales.

Don't let the sun fool you in the photos included. It was sunny with lovely blue skies all day long, but oh, sooooo COLD! Temperatures hovered around -11C and yet with the sun reflecting off the snow, several folks ended up with sunburns at the end of the day.

Equipment in hand, heading to the lesson area

As I accompanied them both outdoors, snapped photos and got into the mood with the music blaring from all the plethora of speakers hanging from poles on all the slopes, getting out on skiis is now on my personal goal sheet for this year. I haven't skied in years, but heh, I want to try these slopes out myself. If not this year, maybe next year.

"Look Mom! I'm still standing upright!"

Our snowboarder was a natural, passing several levels and ending up with colored stickers to represent the "intermediate level" for allowable slopes to explore. After lunch, because he could, he swapped all of his boarding equipment for skies and tried that too.

Do you think she took ballet in years past?

Our skier had the same experience, a natural and loving it all. When a friend of hers wanted to stop for the day and try out the snow tubing, she accompanied her over there.

Both children had a wonderful time. The day was just perfect with sun so glorious (but COLD), so very cheery a day at the slopes!

As for me, well I had a wonderful time too, walking back and forth to watch each child progress, freeze my hands off, and then hover indoors with picture window views to the slopes and ladies to sip hot cuppas and chat it up with.

Next time though, I'm skiing! I think...