Friday, January 08, 2010

A red rose for her...

With a few malfunctioning photo swap methods, I've obtained a few of our newest grandbabe shown in the candid shot snapped above.

Here is our wee "Francesca" held by her big sister "Rose" (age 4), so proudly displaying her wee baby sister for her Nana and family to see.

There's a whole story on the red rose laying upon her, coming up next.

Our little missy is now three weeks old and mommy is doing fabulous after a successful first home birthing experience.

She's so pretty as far as the photos and a few videophone conversations have allowed me to observe. Ahhh, I just gotta HOLD HER myself - soon! Even with all the new security (naked) scanners being installed in both airports I would require use of to fly out to cherish her in my arms, the inconvenience would be well worth the dread of having my 3D out there for all the scan viewers to see...gulp. :)