Sunday, January 17, 2010

To my Godmother....

To continue with the theme of "thanksgiving", I wish to offer thanks to a few people who have blessed me in some big or small way recently. My heart still swells for their thoughtfulness and kindness towards me. My last post included thanks to Barbara, and now this post includes a thank you and a prayer for my Godmother Gail.

Last year I lost my godfather which came as such a shock for me and to all for that matter because it was so sudden and unexpected.

We had just reunited after many years. Though my parents had been lifelong friends with them, keeping in touch across the miles for many years (they lived in Alberta for years) I hadn't really been in contact much personally myself. I didn't know them like my parents did but was happy to hear when shared news came my way.

My husband and I invited them to our thirtieth wedding celebration three years ago, not thinking it would be feasible for them to come really.

Imagine the surprise when a telephone call came our way, and my godmother announced they would be flying in for the event! THRILLING news to me! I was simply elated and over the moon with all the possibilities of reuniting with them again.

When the time came, they were a vibrant part of our anniversary celebrations, reunions not only with us but with my parents and entire family. We loved it all and wished we had even more time to be together, but we needed to head back to Ontario, into our real world again after a vacation reunion with our children and the wedding anniversary celebrations.

Since my godfather's death, we not only moved but were thrust into survival mode again until all the dust has slowly settled over time.

My godmother too has been thrust into survival mode, battling breast cancer for the second time. She is so thoughtful. I am so blessed to have her as my godmother for she is a blessing to everyone she touches in life.

What a sweet surprise to find the above card, letter and music CD in the mail for my birthday/Christmas!

She knows my place of refuge is the water's edge, a longing to get there for spending time recovering or refreshment.

Thanks so much, you really touched me Gail. We are praying for you, continually wrapping you up in a huge of heavenly protection. :) Big Hugs!

Prayer for the intercession of St. Agatha

for women with breast cancer

Oh Glorious and Radiant St. Agatha,
Throughout the ages,
you have miraculously interceded
for women with breast cancer
and diseases of the breast.

I ask you today to not forget my godmother Gail.
In your kindness, please hear my prayer.

In thanksgiving, and always,
I promise to carry with me everywhere
the Joy and Love of Christ in my heart.