Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seasonal Changes Out My Window

Snow outside this window is knee deep (for a tall man)

Living in a geographically cold area, we are in the dead of winter with a base of two feet of snow for the past five weeks, round the clock.

Each day, the fluffy flakes fall. And each day we're able to use a broom to swish much of it off staircases and decks. I must admit to loving the wise choice of purchasing a snowblower last winter shortly after our move here, best decision for sure! Except when it stopped working a few weeks after we bought it and something inside warranted the term "defective".

I've noticed a theme thread on the net these days by viewing folks choosing one word to base their 2010 theme on for their families. Some words make me shudder. Like the word "defective". I've heard it dozens of times over a one year period, fed up with it. New word to eliminate that "D word" will now be - "challenge" because I can handle that one.

Back to winter issues.

It's so pretty when the sun shines and its rays glisten off the snow. We've had super sunny skies now for the eighth day in a row! Beautiful! You can see what I mean by viewing the photos in the post below, sunny but still cold. Tis to be expected. After all it is winter, right?

So, the view from my window today is sunny skies, blue skies, and lotsa snow! I even hear we are expecting a low of -8C in the forecast tomorrow. Why, that's just a chinook or something after enduring many -20C days of frosty nostril hairs for hanky alerts constantly prevailing. :)

Happy Day everyone! What are the seasonal views from your window today? Let me know...

Here are the archives from the same window above if you'd like to view the seasonal changes represented there, here is the LINK to click onto them.

Below, I just had to show you one more wintry view from my office window, the place where I sit and type my blog posts to deliver to you. Isn't this just the best!

View from my computer blogging window