Sunday, January 10, 2010

Will this fly? YES! It flew here...

Tweet, Tweet - this is my new birdie friend

My friend Denise over at Living Life Creatively is just that, so very crafty and creative that she just blows my socks off, all the time!

Last year I was all eyes, ears and at the computer watching for her newsy news after she attended the "Blissdom" blogger conference in Tennessee near her home town.

She was overwhelmed with the big world of so many news (to her) things; Twitter, Etsy shops, Facebook, Blogging tags, and beyond after attending some of the many talks at the convention. Okay, so I was inspired to buy those talks myself because I wanted to know more, not able to attend with her and all.

This year there's another annual
Blissdom Conference and if I lived closer, I'd be there with Denise and her daughter Kelly, for sure. But I don't. So no pressure lovie, spill the beans as soon as you come back, that is if you are attending this year for sure.

Meanwhile, I was surprised, thrilled and super-ubber blessed with one of the cutest little creations from Denise's own hand, one of her little birdies. And as if that wasn't enough, this wee flighty friend even came with her own little nest! I love it! My only regret is my photos don't do this little feet justice, so be sure to check out the links below to see her photos from her blog.

Thanks so much again and again my friend, love you too!

On Denise's blog, you can see her teaching and creating more of these birdies by clicking HERE.

And best of all, she has uploaded the pattern and instructions for making these birdies in either paper or fabric (mine is fabric) -
right HERE if you are interested in making one for yourself. :)

After the intial tutorial, how about another on making these same birdies with your blogging logo on them? Check it out
right HERE.