Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Year Wordle

I found the challenge of making my very own "Wordle" interesting, and the prospect of creating a word list to enter into the cloud of words was simple and easy for me. There are several options to create a "wordle". You can type out all of your own word preferences, one at a time, enter a blog address or RSS feed addy, or any other address.

For my wordle, I typed up a variety of words used on my blog frequently. In only a few moments, my word cloud appeared! What fun!

The only glitch I found was the wordle wasn't able to be saved or downloaded into my own computer hard drive, so I did the next best thing; saved it to the wordle public gallery, bookmarked the page to return to for printing and I snapped a photo to load here for a show and tell.

For best viewing, you can click onto my personalized wordle HTML below and it will take you to the website. From there you can create your very own and I would love to see yours so be sure to let me know when you've completed and posted.

If you happen to find a way to save and upload easier, I'm all ears!

Wordle: Renee