Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping for our grandbaby and more...

There is something so precious and so irresistible as hanging out in the newborn section of a children's clothing store.

Our fresh from heaven new grandbabe is already well over a month old, ever so sweet and already growing mightily.

Shortly before the new year, my mother and I happened upon a "Gymboree" store in our shopping mall when we went specifically to return something to another store nearby.

You could say we just wondered over there, it was drawing us inside.
I mentioned before it wasn't a store I usually shopped in because most prices are almost over the top for their lines of children's wear. At least that's my humble perspective from a seamstress' point of view. I will however pay for quality clothing that can stand the test of everyday wear.

We never had this store available to us previously in our former home, so it's been a while since I shopped there. I was smitten with the cute, cute, cute selections right at the threshold of the front door, drawing me inside to further view delightful finds awaiting us in there.

Sale signs were everywhere, not only in this store but the entire shopping mall seemed to be loaded with them.
A sale in Gymboree? The place was packed, maybe because there was a sale.

The little bins were filled with sale items, and these were the first wee bitty things I was drawn to. Aren't they precious?

And then my mother and I found the cutest bunch of clothing, and there we were picking and choosing almost everything matching from the entire line of similar sweet puppy dog clothing bits. Adorable!

I was quite impressed with the woman at the counter, so helpful and thrilled she also included several oh so cute gift boxes and bags, even tissue paper along with the items because she knew they were a gift for a special little someone and all would be transported back to the westcoast with my mother when she returned home herself to hand over to our grandbabe.

This little gal is the fourth girl in our son's family so by about now our daughter in law says it's nice to have a few newer newborn-3month sized clothing for her. Too bad we can't see her in them for a while, but we'll get to see photos for sure until then.

Warning; The photos below simply DO NOT do this bunch of sweetness any justice, believe me.

Before I knew it I was sunk, soaked and done! hehehe

I also was able to learn about "Gymbucks", and I seemed to acquire a bundle of them from my shopping.

Okay, so I confess I returned to the store again, my ten year old accompanied me this time.

She too was sunk, soaked and done.

Smiles plastered over her face told me it was her new favorite store.

She's a froo-froo girl that one, that is when she's not wearing her barn clothing or sporty gear.

She chose two very pretty outfits, one with kittens on the sweater, tshirt, matching socks, and a pair of nice brown corduroy slacks. The other was a set with all matching clothing line skirt, tshirt, pants, long sleeved tshirt and she had to have the scarf to accompany the entire set.

Admittedly, I felt a sweat coming on when I saw the load she was heading to the change room with. She's quite the shopper that gal. Where did she get that from? hmmmm.

You could say the gym bucks were well spent but I was also awarded even more coupons to return late next week for 30% off more purchases. When I caught my daughter's eye, it was too late. She already saw the coupons herself, grinning from ear to ear. I'm gonna be sunk again! I can just feel it already. :)

She's such a cute froo-froo girl that one, so sweet.