Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playing in the snow - my way

Along the paths of my daily journeys...these things I see

What else does one do when snow settles and scenes capture the eye in an unusual way? They live in the moment and have some fun, right?

Or maybe this happens;

"Awwww mom has her camera, great, now we'll be stopped here for a few minutes!"

In winter, I see beauty everywhere!

Life Tracking!

Yes folks, I confess; my camera is pretty much always on me, in my purse ready to snap away.

When I "see" something, I don't always think about what it might turn out like. Rather, I might just want to capture the scene before me to keep it in my visual memory bank, or perhaps the thing I'm eyeing. Or maybe it's the person with all photographic visual possibilities at the helm for my snapping temptations. When the need hits, I become aggressive and settle into my attack mode. LOL

I see the salt on my vehicle

"Chill out kids! My camera lens calls" is usually what I shout back to the children in the vehicle.

Small details are fun to spot

Besides, I'm only usually a minute or so, just gotta snap that photo right now! :) So, when the sun shines and those light rays bounce off the sheen of the snow's surface, I wanna play out there. Sometimes - right now!

Tracking in snow

Yessiree - I actually stop my vehicle during times of such deep temptation, park safely and then climb out with camera in hand to delight in my photographic warped style of freedom play (snap, snap, snap).

Finding the light in darkness

Have I mentioned yet how much I love the snow here?

Oh, I have?

Oh well, I'll say it again just for my sake.

I love the snow and want pictures of it to keep forever from all sorts of fun angles.

Colorful reflections dance in my lens

They are always made so much more special when the sun is glowing and peaking out from every possible crack, angle, or speck, offering dancing confetti light shows for any photographer's lens, those like the colorful ones above caught in the photo. I love them! They absolutely suit the scene unfolding ahead...

So, what do you think of this day's wintry playtime of capturing the light on roads, within the trees and on snowy grounds, the deep pleasure I experienced for momentary photography enjoyment, even with children in tow complaining about me snapping all of them.

Actually, at the end of the day, they too usually admit to liking the photo opportunity snapshot treasures we can now remember forever. They are my fan club, yes they are. :)

Alas, the sun sets to offer more evening beauty